Safety Equipment

Preventing Accidents

Dock accidents can injure or kill workers and can have serious consequences for a company. Yet, in almost every case, they can be prevented with proper safeguards that protect against common accidents at loading docks:

  • Lift trucks driving off the dock because a truck leaves before loading or unloading is completed
  • Lift trucks accidentally damaging doors, overhead tracks and headers while working at the dock
  • Collapse of trailer landing gear because the trailer creeps away from the dock as lift trucks continually move in and out during loading or unloading
  • Lift trucks inadvertently driving off the edge of the dock, even when no truck is being loaded

Just one mistake, one accident, can be tragic in human terms and costly in economic terms. Consider the ramifications of an accident.

  • Injured Worker
  • Worker Compensation
  • Lift Truck Damage
  • Truck/Trailer Damage
  • Product Damage
  • Lost Production
  • Increased Insurance Premiums



  • Restraints secure trucks by their ICC bar
  • Non-Impact activation
  • Simple design, no scheduled adjustments
  • Choice of four models



  • Restraints is not dependent on the truck’s ICC bar
  • Non-Impact activation
  • Smooth, automatic hydraulic operation
  • All-weather reliability
  • Virtually maintenance-free; no lubrication required



  • Prevents equipment and personnel from accidentally falling off the loading dock
  • Prevents damage to doors, overhead tracks, headers
  • Simple design, easy manual/automatic operation
  • No scheduled maintenance