Engineered Doors

1. No Counterbalance Springs.
2. Operated Under Windloads.
3. Can Be Insulated and Sealed.
4. Self Supportive.
5. Multi-Section.
6. Custom Made.
7. Exterior Mount Option.
8. Easy to Repair.
9. Resistant to Damage.
10. Can Include Pass Door *Limitless Cycle Life.

1. Fast Operation.
2. Doors Are In Drivers View At All Times.
3. No Overhead Tracks.
4. No Floor Guides.
5. Can Include Pass Door.
6. Tight Jamb Supported.
7. Tight Sealing.
8. Easy Manual Operation
(or in case of power failure).
9. Easy To Automate.
10. Can Be Insulated.
11. Can Include Vision Lite.

Electric Power Door Craneway Doors are available in swing-up and vertical-lift design with slide or swing load doors. Simplicity design allows for long life and low maintenance.

Constructed of structural channels with 14 gauge flat sheet exterior side. Door structure designed for maximum strength. Other type of sheeting available. Insulation and interior face sheet optional.

Electric Power Door Sliding Hangar Doors are custom designed for all types of municipal, government, commercial and private flying facilities.

They feature dependable maintenance-free operation together with security and all weather protection for any size aircraft. They also are available with any man-door and tall assembly aperture features.